WHERE DID THEBOB START? Back in the mid-1980s, long before the internet as we know it existed, a young entrepreneur started an office services company, offering typing services to attorneys, phone answering, data entry and other business services to clients, and the earliest version of TheBOB was born, then known as EntrePay (short for Entrepreneurs Getting Paid). Fast forward 30 years and that same entrepreneur, TheBOB founder Shadoe Gray--in an effort to bring together her varied business services companies--has formed the comprehensive business services company The Business of Business Inc aka, a one-stop shop for B2B business services of all kinds. TheBOB houses and offers the services of Shadoe's medical billing and workers comp lien litigation firm in business since 1996, her accounting, bookkeeping and payroll practice in business since 2001, and her personal business consulting experience and graphic design skills honed over a 35 year professional journey. In addition to her own businesses, staff and experience, Shadoe has partnered with amazing experienced companies and service providers who each offer their own business services under the TheBOB brand. Every business or service provider has been vetted and maintains our service standards and upholds our service guarantees!

You Provide your Service, We'll Handle the Business. 800-568-8169

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