WHAT IS THEBOB? You became an entrepreneur, or a small business owner, because you have a skill that you use to make money, an education that you have earned to put to use in the business market, years of experience that allow you to make money servicing your clients or customers. You didn’t go into business to run an office, invoice customers and do accounting, build a website or type a letter. Did you get your business license? Have you formed your corporation? Who has time to do all these things after being a plumber/ lawyer/ salesman/ electrician/ real estate agent all day? That’s where TheBOB can step in and take over the business of your business for you, allowing you to do what you went into business do. We can assist you in finding new office space, deciding on and forming your business entity, finding new clients and customers, establishing an online presence, setting up your books and so much more.

Call TheBOB today and see how we can take on your services so you can get on with the business of your business. 800-265-5581

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